阜阳市关爱“三留守”志愿者协会、阜阳市爱心演艺协会爱心支持“欢乐暑假乐分享趣味魔方伴成长” 颍州区首届儿童趣味百人魔方大赛在 颍州万达一楼中厅火热开赛。 In order to enrich the summer life of the youth in Yinzhou District, enhance the communication and exchange between the teenagers, promote the emotional integration between the youth and the children, and enhance the comprehensive development of the moral, intellectual, physical and mental well-being of the youth in Yinzhou District, under the guidance of the Communist Youth League Yinzhou District Committee, Anhui Lanqing Education Sponsored by Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Lanqing Brain Science Education, Lanyu English, Hongyun Travel Company Quanshuiwan Store, Zebra Yingchao Chaotong Photography, Anhui Dingyou Zero Degree Art Co-sponsored , Fuyang City Cares "Three Stays" Volunteers Association, Fuyang City Love The "Happy Summer Vacation, Fun and Fun Cube Cubes Grow with Growth" supported by the Performing Arts Association, the first children's fun 100-person Rubik's Cube competition in Yinzhou District, was launched in the middle hall of the first floor of Wanda.

200 多名小选手齐聚活动现场,准备对决高下。 More than 200 young players from Lanqing Brain Science Education and other institutions gathered at the event site to prepare for the showdown.

活动现场人头攒动气氛热烈 ▲ The crowd at the event was warm and enthusiastic.

振奋人心的架子鼓表演拉开了活动的帷幕 Exciting drum performance opened the curtain

" 志愿者协会秘书长管晓燕女士赠送一幅剪纸作品给主办方,并发表致词,希望青少年暑期生活丰富多彩,小选手们个个获得好成绩,祝比赛圆满成功。 Ms. Guan Xiaoyan, the inheritor of non-heritage culture paper-cutting, and the secretary-general of Fuyang City's "Three Stays " volunteer association, presented a paper-cut work to the organizer, and delivered a speech, hoping that the youth's summer life will be colorful and the young players will get good Results, I wish the competition a complete success.

管晓燕赠送剪纸 给主办方 Guan Xiaoyan presented paper-cut to the organizer

阜阳市关爱"三留守 " 志愿者协会秘书长管晓燕致辞 Guan Xiaoyan, Secretary-General of Fuyang City Caring "Three Stays " volunteer association

Xu Lei, Chairman of Fuyang Love Performing Arts Association, expressed his sincere blessings and expectations to this competition, hoping that the children will have a fun and safe summer life. Escort for this event.

  安徽胤程教育科技有限公司王晓东校长发表讲话 President Wang Xiaodong of Anhui Chengcheng Education Technology Co., Ltd. delivered a speech

President Xiaodong Wang delivered a speech on behalf of the organizer of the competition and announced the official start of the competition.

6 强和冠亚季军The game was divided into four rounds. The first two rounds reduced the Pyramid Rubik's Cube and the third-order Rubik's Cube at the prescribed time to determine the top 24, and the next two rounds simultaneously restored the two Rubik's Cubes to determine the top 6 and the runner-up . See the young players are seriously preparing for the war.

The atmosphere of the competition was lively. The rapid rotation of the Rubik's Cube and the encouragement of parents seemed to be as exciting as a symphony!

开始比赛 Start the game

才十几秒钟功夫就有许多胜出举手的小朋友 ▲ In just ten seconds, there are many children who win hands

    The atmosphere of the competition was lively. The rapid rotation of the Rubik's Cube and the encouragement of parents seemed to be as exciting as a symphony. The time was passing fast. The parents at the scene counted down the last time for the children. The exciting clicks pushed the atmosphere to a climax. .


"Since the child has learned the Rubik's Cube, I feel that my child has become smarter," said the mother of a young contestant at the scene.

校长宫保辉介绍:我们一直 秉承“让孩子健康、智慧”成长的核心价值理念,积极为社会培养人才,始终坚持“用心做教育”, 课程形式多样 学习资源丰富; 并有专业的服务跟进系统和随时了解学员情况, 针对孩子的不同情况进行个性化教育。 According to Gong Baohui, the head of Lanqing's brain science education , we have always adhered to the core value concept of "making children healthy and intelligent", actively cultivated talents for the society, and always adhered to "education with heart." The curriculum has diverse forms and rich learning resources; And there is a professional service follow-up system and learn about the students at any time, and carry out personalized education according to the different situations of children. Committed to developing into a whole brain science education development company.

The contestants in this competition showed their style and level, which made people feel the joy and magic charm of Rubik's Cube.

第一个举手成功啦 ▲ The first one raised his hand successfully

认真琢磨 ▲ Consider carefully

Teenagers and children have many benefits to learn Rubik's Cube. It can not only train hands, eyes, heart, and brain, and enhance children's memory, it can also cultivate children's three-dimensional thinking ability and perseverance. It can also keep children away from mobile computer games It's a great intellectual game for all ages.
Come join the Rubik's Cube team!

Source: The Sound of the Moon


Anhui Lanqing Education successfully held the first Children's Fun Hundred Cube Competition in Yinzhou District, Fuyang!


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