In order to strengthen the construction of the Anhui Lanqing Education brand credit system, our company reached a data sharing collaboration with Baidu, China's largest Chinese search engine company, and successfully built an enterprise credit system based on Baidu big data. Through the Baidu big data enterprise credit system platform, our company's personnel transmitted the real business registration information of Lanqing Education in real name, so that consumers can achieve the principles of honesty, transparency, truthfulness, fairness and openness, and provide the society with sustainable honesty in good faith. Valuable service.

安徽岚青教育科技有限公司百度企业信用 Click to enter Baidu Enterprise Credit of Anhui Lanqing Education Technology Co., Ltd.

安徽岚青教育科技有限公司百度企业信用 ”就能直接访问安徽岚青教育百度企业信用平台,欢迎大家访问后点击左上角关注企业对岚青教育进行关注,后期我们单位还会继续对百度企业信用平台持续完善企业真实信息数据,与百度达成长期数据共享合作,共同为消费者网民服务! Baidu Enterprise Credit is based on the concept of providing users with real-time information query. Based on Baidu's big data retrieval platform, all business data is provided by Credit China. Everyone can directly access Anhui by searching for " Anhui Lanqing Education Technology Co., Ltd. Baidu Enterprise Credit ". Lanqing Education Baidu Enterprise Credit Platform, welcome everyone to visit and click on the company in the upper left corner to pay attention to Lanqing Education. In the later period, our unit will continue to improve the company's true information and data on Baidu Enterprise Credit Platform and reach long-term data sharing cooperation with Baidu. Serve consumers online together!

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