Anhui Lanqing Educational Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology company focusing on children's memory training and brain potential development. The company has a number of copyright patents related to children's potential development independent intellectual property rights, which have been identified and issued by national authorities!

Anhui Lanqing Educational Technology focuses on really improving the training of children to achieve real results. Unlike some individual technology training companies that are joined by investment promotion, we adhere to the development of children's intelligent potential memory as the main line, so that children have agile thinking and fast memory. , Imagination, thinking, hand-in-hand education, has trained nearly a thousand children, has been recognized and supported by parents.

Anhui Lanqing Education signs cooperation with Fuyang Window

安徽岚青教育科技公司工作人员通过百度搜索检索到阜阳视窗公司并达成全方位战略合作,与我们反复沟通洽谈,探讨企业互联网化之方法与策略,制定网络营销方向,搭建什么样的平台,为谁服务,建立全网营销系统的战略宗旨和可持续运营思路。 In order to better provide convenient and high-quality services for students and parents, the staff of Anhui Lanqing Educational Technology Co., Ltd. retrieved Fuyang Window Co., Ltd. through Baidu search and reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation. We repeatedly communicated and discussed with us to discuss the methods of enterprise Internetization. And strategies, formulate the direction of network marketing, what platforms to build, and whom to serve, and establish the strategic purpose and sustainable operation ideas of the entire network marketing system. Fuyang Window Internet Service Co., Ltd. has more than 8 years of corporate service experience in Fuyang. It has hundreds of corporate brand marketing experiences. After acquiring customer needs and positioning, our staff went through a week-long program discussion and planning. Finally, the establishment of Lanqing Education's use of the entire network integrated marketing system to strengthen the construction of the corporate Internet brand system will surely achieve more results with less effort!

Anhui Lanqing Education Technology Co., Ltd. strengthened its attention to the spread of Internet information with legal weapons and established its own official network platform system on major search engine platforms. Now Lanqing Education Technology has WeChat public account, WeChat mini-program, corporate brand number, Baidu Baijiahao, Baidu Bear account, Baidu smart applet platform, Alipay service window, corporate brand official website, corporate entire network marketing information platform system and more than a dozen integrated network service systems, so that children can more easily communicate with us and strengthen positive The dissemination of energy information, officially said no to criminals who infringe our unit's intellectual property rights, brand reputation misappropriation and embezzlement, and fully disseminate corporate image and corporate brand culture, so that Lanqing Brain Science will go out of Anhui, and spread across China, The world, let the students of Lanqing education spread all over the world, and benefit the country and society for the next generation of children!

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Warm congratulations to Anhui Lanqing Education for signing Fuyang Windows Network Marketing Services


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