On May 25, on the streets of Fucheng, there were very hot-eyed luxury cars in one train-a Zhihan graphic promotion team consisting of 10 luxury cars, in conjunction with the rampant "Zihan cool summer, price storms hit "Broadcasting has aroused the keen interest of the general public and journalists.

When the reporter walked into Zhihan Graphic Express Printing Co., Ltd., he had an exclusive interview with Ms. Liu Wei, the legal representative of Zhihan Graphic and the general manager of the graphic department: Zhihan Graphic introduced a large number of high-tech equipment this summer, with high speed, high quality and craftsmanship. Upgrade, at the same time, the cost is also significantly reduced compared to the original old equipment. In order to thank the new and old customers of Fucheng for many years of support, Zhihan decided to give back and allow new and old customers to benefit, and redefine the quality of related graphic products through "price reduction storm activities". The price standard brings a cool summer to the printing and printing industry in Fucheng!

It is reported that the company's newly introduced G920D digital blueprint machine and other engineering machines can achieve industrial standard production of engineering drawings, with a daily output of up to 10,000 square meters, high quality and low price.

The newly introduced high-end digital printing presses such as Kemei 6085 and Kemei 1100 directly challenge the traditional printing. You can place an order for an album and pick up the goods on the same day, truly leading the future with "fast".

Zhihan's graphic arts have been in Fuyang for more than 20 years, and they are almost a household name. They have always adhered to the business philosophy of customer first, quality first, and honesty and trustworthiness.

Zhihan Graphic was formerly known as Zhichuang Office Equipment Operation Department of Yinzhou District, Fuyang City. It was established in May 1998 and is located on the west side of the gate of Qinghe Primary School. It is mainly engaged in the sales and maintenance of photocopiers, printers and consumables. In 2008, due to the upgrading and relocation of the office equipment operation department of Zhichuang, Fuyang Zhihan Graphic and Text Production Center was established on the original site. In 2012, it was officially registered as Fuyang Zhihan Graphic Express Printing Co., Ltd. and relocated to the current location of Zhihan Graphic Express Printing Chain Store.

For more than a decade, through the unremitting study, continuous evolution and continuous absorption of high-quality resources of the cultural and creative industry by all Zhihan people, it has grown into a three-store store in Fuyang City and 11 franchised stores in Anhui Province. I. In August 2018, Zhihan signed a strategic cooperation agreement with a well-known domestic consulting and management company to fully optimize and upgrade the standardized management of reception, process deconstruction, on-site management, financial system, salary management, job promotion, and after-sales service. The process has laid a solid foundation for Zhihan's rapid development.

Zhihan Graphics solves the graphic and textual needs of government, affairs, and business units, while also providing digital printing and personalized graphic products and services for peer companies. It can drain and accumulate high-quality standardized services at the front end and back end. Establish a powerful design team and an efficient production and construction team for the two major engines. The company opened a 24-hour appointment hotline, which solved the problem of urgent customer graphic needs at night. Zhihan Graphic is serving the public with the purpose of "serving with all our heart and going all out".

In the future, the company will open more service outlets throughout the province, make unremitting efforts to create a one-stop service platform for digital printing and advertising, and eventually achieve the industry's advanced, efficient and highly influential famous brands.


Fuyang Zhihan Graphic introduces new high-end digital printing press price reduction storm hits, cool summer


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