"Carrying hope and letting dreams fly" is the purpose of Anhui Lanqing Education's public welfare and love. It allows countless children to ignite confidence and hope, thrive, and strive to become the backbone of the motherland!

On the occasion of the Children's Day, Anhui Lanqing Educational Technology Co., Ltd. and Fuyang City Caring Three Left-behind Volunteers Association came to Huzhai Elementary School, Wuming Town, Qiquan District to stay close to the children of the school.

On the afternoon of May 24th, the ceremony of welcoming left-behind left-behind children's "10,000 colorful bags" was held at Huzhai Elementary School in Qiquan District. Geng Lin, Secretary-General of Fuyang City Concern for Next Generation Committee, Chen Xiangming and Ye Lumiao, executive deputy directors of Fuquan District Concern for Next Generation Committee, Guan Xiaoyan, Secretary General of Fuyang Caring "Three Stays" volunteer association, Anhui Lanqing Education Technology Co., Ltd. Gong Baohui, the caring entrepreneur of the chairman, and dozens of volunteers and caring people, some teachers and students of Huzhai Elementary School attended the distribution ceremony.

The principal of Huzhai Elementary School, Wuming Town, Qiquan District gave a welcome speech. He said that on the eve of Children's Day, the Customs Work Committee, Anhui Lanqing Education, Fuyang City Caring "Three Stay-at-home" Volunteers Association and other parties participated in the caring together. Thanks to all the teachers and students for caring for the children left behind in our school. I hope that the students will study hard and live up to the hopes of their parents and the care of the society.

In the speech, Chen Xiangming, executive deputy director of the Customs Work Committee of Liquan District, said that the children are the future of the motherland, the hope of the nation, and I hope you grow up healthily. Under the care of volunteer association and caring company Anhui Lanqing Education, I hope that the children can remember the help and care of Caring Organization and Anhui Lanqing Education, study hard, be grateful to the society, serve the motherland, and I believe that Huming Town, Wuquan District, Huquan District Zhai Elementary School students will surely be happy and happy to usher in an unusual Children's Day.

On the day of the event, the leaders and guests handed out the "Colorful Love Pack" to the student representatives, and then the volunteers distributed the remaining love packs to each student. And interact with the children to encourage them to study hard.

The Secretary-General of the Fuyang Municipal Committee on Caring for the Next Generation Geng Lin made a concluding speech. The Secretary-General Geng Lin was excited. Today, I would like to praise the teachers and students of the school, the caring enterprises, and the Fuyang Caring "Three Stays" volunteer association. Let the left-behind children here "raise hope and let dreams fly." Today's activities not only brought care and love to the children, but also brought new hope.

Geng Lin, Secretary-General of the Municipal Customs Working Committee, pointed out that party committees and governments at all levels in Qiquan District attach great importance to and support the care of the next generation of work, and play an important role in promoting the next generation of work in Qiquan District. At the same time, Secretary-General Geng Lin expressed his gratitude to the caring organizations and caring enterprises, and hoped that the children can study hard, improve their own qualities, and become the socialist builders of the comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic.

According to Guan Xiaoyan, secretary-general of the Fuyang City Caring "Three Stays" volunteer association (inheritant of cultural cut-offs of intangible culture, Fuyang Goodman, Fuyang City's first good army, Fuyang "March 8" red flag bearer), said, "Colorful Love Pack" Including school supplies such as schoolbags, colored pencils, stationery boxes, and daily necessities such as water cups and umbrellas, the association will continue to cooperate with caring enterprises to issue 10,000 "colorful caring bags" to poor and left-behind children throughout the city, so that more left-behind children feel To warm.

This set of practical "love colorful bags" was selected as the brand promotion by the Anhui Civil Affairs Department in the "Ten Thousand Hundred" Project of Anhui Social Welfare Service 2019 and the Happy Anhui River Volunteer Project.

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