As Fuyang Windows, which entered the WeChat Mini Program development in March last year, Fuyang Windows Mini Program Development Platform is undoubtedly a leader in the industry and has been focusing on serving B users. It has achieved significant results in less than 600 days. Results and recognition of B-side users!

The successive entry of BAT has made the small program undoubtedly the largest liquidation depression!

In the past two months, Baidu's smart applet has used a series of cases and tests to demonstrate that the "traffic, experience, intelligence, and openness" strategic vision mentioned at the beginning is very correct, and it is moving towards practice step by step. The developers have achieved their expected goals, and Baidu itself has proven the advantages of its "open" strategy for natural, high-quality traffic .

On September 11, according to statistics: In 60 days, Baidu's smart applet increased its monthly activity by 100%; on specific products, Baidu Tieba's smart applet increased its stay time by 23.1% compared to the previous H5 page users, and active users increased. 17.2%, per capita use time has also increased by more than 30% ...

Beyond the data, other things that happened during the 60 days are also conveying a message. In December, the fully open source Baidu smart applet will become a new outlet!

As a third-party applet development platform, Fuyang Windows first took the lead in obtaining Baidu's intelligent applet internal test qualification . In less than one year after joining the WeChat applet, Fuyang Windows has developed more than 100 sets covering the entire industry Templates , developed more than 700 agents nationwide, and helped more than 36,000 companies launch applets!

After cooperating with Baidu, relying on the experience and technical advantages deeply immersed in the applet industry, "Fuyang Window" is bound to become the leader of Baidu's smart applet industry, using AI technology to tap new business potential and further creating new trends in the industry!

At the same time, in order for B-side users to fully realize the realizing value of Baidu's smart applets, Fuyang Windows has already made three strategic layouts in advance:


First, take advantage of Baidu's intelligent applet's traffic distribution to change the current situation of applet diversion difficulties;

Second, combined with the features of Baidu's intelligent applet that can be built on multiple platforms, users on the B-side can gain further exposure opportunities and improve their monetization ability after entering the game;

Thirdly, as the first group of "crab-eating" people, Fuyang Window hopes to watch the latest developments in the industry and lead entrepreneurs to new business opportunities!

In the end, it will become the next third-party applet development platform on the air!


Fuyang Windows and Baidu Smart Applet: Business + Intelligence, Leading New Trends in the Industry!


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