Fuyang's comprehensive advertising is the promotion effect that any business enterprise dreams to achieve. The comprehensive advertising includes business card production, single-page printing, inkjet photo, product packaging, Fuyang website construction, corporate VI image, WeChat promotion, Baidu information flow. , WeChat circle of friends, etc., the coverage screen also varies from traditional PCs to mobile phones of various sizes. The number of coverage screens is complex and complicated. If you want to achieve Fuyang's comprehensive advertising coverage, it will be more difficult and costly, Fuyang's comprehensive advertising can only be enjoyed by a few high-margin industries. For most small and medium-sized enterprises, it is difficult to achieve comprehensive advertising and promotion.

From 2016 to the end of 2017, Fuyang Windows Internet Co., Ltd. successfully developed a mobile Internet marketing platform that can help small and medium-sized enterprises in Fuyang to quickly and cost-effectively achieve all-round advertising! Let ’s take a look at how a mobile Internet marketing platform can help companies achieve comprehensive advertising marketing?

Firstly, through the mobile Internet marketing platform, we can make a computer + mobile phone dual-screen mobile phone website, and use the mobile phone website to create a comprehensive marketing promotion display page belonging to the enterprise. Because the website has a built-in search engine optimization and release information, website data and keywords The information flow will be indexed by search engines such as Baidu, Google, Sogou, 360, etc. Of course, search keywords can greatly increase the exposure of ads! And can achieve computer + mobile phone dual-end multi-screen display!

On the other hand, the website ’s unique URL technology is used to convert the URL into a QR code. The QR code can be placed on traditional flat materials, such as business card production, single-page printing, inkjet photo, product packaging, and corporate VI image. Etc., directly upgrade traditional ads from static to dynamic effects. With the compatibility of WeChat, mobile phone websites can be perfectly compatible with WeChat, which is convenient for WeChat marketing and promotion, from one-on-one chat publishing, to group chat, to the circle of friends. Easily placing corporate advertisements is really giving enterprises access to Fuyang's full range of advertisements rather than out of reach!

If you need to increase the influence of your business, if your business needs a mobile photo album, or if you want to get rankings on Baidu, even if you simply have a website, contact Fuyang Windows to make a website, we will pay you a Fuyang Comprehensive advertising platform to make business communication more efficient!


Create a mobile website in Fuyang to build a new platform for Fuyang's comprehensive advertising and marketing


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