Tong Tongxin, Fuyang Industrial Manufacturing Entrepreneur, founder of Fuyang Energy Baby Drinks Co., Ltd., and co-founder of Anhui Fuyang Xiaolianlian Food Co., Ltd., the company's various brands lead the sales in the beverage industry.

During the interview with Mr. Tongxin, we asked Mr. Zong about the development experience of the company. Mr. Tongxin told us that integrity is the foundation of doing business, product quality is the foundation of honest management, marketing is a strategy for good products to realize value, and knowledge products are marketing. Important weapons. It is difficult for a company to develop well if it does not attach importance to intellectual property rights, patent inventions, and trademark brands.

Below we share a paragraph with the same letter to us-the role of intellectual property in the development of enterprises:

The sum of wealth creation in the past 40 years of human history exceeds the sum of wealth creation in the previous 4000 years—knowledge explosion, wealth acceleration, and intangible assets with intellectual property as the core contribute more than 80% to the development of global top 500 companies. More important!

Brands, culture, goodwill, trademarks, patents, copyrights, etc., are the ultimate strategic forces of business competition. To become larger and stronger, enterprises must have intellectual property rights protection and strategic layout. The protection and utilization of intellectual property rights is also an important issue and development direction of the Nineteenth National Congress.

In recent years, China ’s level of intellectual property use and transformation has been continuously enhanced. Intellectual property protection has continued to improve social satisfaction. The transformation and improvement of scientific and technological achievements have been promoted. The combination of science, technology and finance has been promoted. The creation, use, protection, and management of intellectual property rights have been strengthened. The legal protection of scientific and technological innovation activities and scientific and technological achievements provides a strong guarantee for scientific and technological innovation.

Intellectual property is a new type of productivity that enhances the pattern, breaks the future, foresees opportunities, controls the unknown, grows strategies, protects property rights, continuously iterates, and changes thinking!

The difference between a country lies in soft power, and the difference between an enterprise is also soft power. Intellectual property is an important bargaining chip for soft power of an enterprise. Because it attaches importance to the development and protection of intellectual property rights of an enterprise, it is also a strategic layout of the soft power of an enterprise. It is also an entrepreneur The height of thinking in the development of enterprises!

Tong Tongxin now attaches great importance to the protection of his company's intellectual property in business operations, and also shares his experience with more entrepreneurs, so that everyone will take less detours and make fewer mistakes. He is always such a high-knowledge enterprise. Seniors with good management and comprehensive thinking!

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