Network promotion should gradually shift to diversification and all-round development. We should always understand that we are doing network marketing, and SEO optimization is just the tip of the iceberg of network marketing promotion. Integrated network marketing is the development trend of network marketing. A single online marketing promotion method cannot compete with others in the e-commerce era, and Wan Jianqi's online marketing method is unaffordable by funds and manpower. Therefore, there are many ways to promote online marketing, not necessarily limited to SEO optimization.

The biggest problem of SMEs' online marketing is the restriction of channel resources. For enterprises to implement online marketing, how to publish their brands and products to the Internet through channels to let hundreds of millions of netizens know has become the biggest problem in developing online marketing. . There are many companies that choose to cooperate with branded affiliates for online marketing, and some companies have grown by building their own online marketing departments step by step. Both have their own advantages.

The online marketing methods of SMEs are mainly to establish corporate portal sites and search engine bidding rankings, but many SMEs believe that as long as they build a website and take the lead in the search engine bidding ranking, with high traffic, a large number of customers will come . However, according to surveys, the basic status quo of online marketing is that more than 95% of visitors do not actively contact the company after browsing the website. Although the company provides these visitors with a variety of ways to further contact: phone numbers, mailing addresses, QQ, MSN, E-mail, etc., it is often difficult to retain visitors, let alone the most realistic marketing goal of the company: sales growth . Therefore, it is especially critical to study the current network promotion strategies of SMEs, analyze the problems in detail, and put forward new ideas and countermeasures for network promotion.

Comparatively speaking, compared with SMEs who have not used search marketing, they will use search marketing more actively in the future. Only 14.9% of search marketing advertisers plan to reduce investment in search marketing in the future, and more than 85% of small and medium-sized enterprises will maintain existing investment or increase investment in the future. It can be seen that most search marketing advertisers are still positive about the effectiveness of search marketing.


SEO is the tip of the iceberg


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