Create a truly valuable Internet platform for customers

隶属于阜阳市中小企业服务中心,专业致力于为企业提供互联网应用技术支持、网络营销策划、企业网站建设、微信公众平台运营开发等立体化服务。 Established in 2012, Fuyang Windows Internet Services Co., Ltd. is affiliated to the Fuyang SME Service Center. It specializes in providing enterprises with three-dimensional services such as Internet application technical support, network marketing planning, corporate website construction, and WeChat public platform operation and development. 肩负着“助力企业互联网信息化发展,帮助伙伴实现人生梦想”为使命, 先后为数百家企业提供前沿的移动互联网技术支持,获得了市场的一致认可与好评。 Since its establishment, the company has shouldered the mission of "helping the development of enterprise Internet informatization and helping partners realize their dreams in life." It has provided cutting-edge mobile Internet technical support for hundreds of companies and has gained unanimous recognition and praise in the market.

We not only provide simple website construction for enterprises,

Instead, make the website a set of marketing platform in northern Anhui, make the website a system for making money for enterprises! We help companies reduce the content maintenance cost and operation difficulty of company personnel from the early website development, construction, website design and perfect content maintenance!

We teach enterprise network marketing operators a set of Internet operation skills, and teach the most direct and practical Internet dry goods and experience, so that everything can be easily implemented!

保证公司的网络技术一直处于前线水平,与阿里巴巴旗下中国万网、阿里云、易名中国、企汇网、云适配、云梦中国、今目标、百度云等互联网巨头产品签署合作应用,让合作的企业花费不多的钱,享受尊贵、实用、有价值的互联网技术服务。 The company has in-depth cooperation with cutting-edge Internet R & D teams with more advanced Internet development, such as Beijing, Zhengzhou, Hangzhou, and Xiamen, to ensure that the company's network technology has always been at the frontline level. Internet, cloud adaptation, Yunmeng China, Jingou, Baidu Cloud and other Internet giants sign cooperation applications, so that the cooperating companies can spend a small amount of money and enjoy distinguished, practical and valuable Internet technology services.

service advantage

6 years of professional website construction experience

For 6 years, we have only focused on the construction of high-end brand websites. We cherish every customer and always adhere to the service tenet of “customer = friends, credit guarantee”, treat people with sincerity, do things really, create benefits for customers, and create a win-win situation. .

One-stop service from website construction to network marketing

The foundation of an enterprise website is to let everyone follow you through your website, buy your products, and create wealth is the ultimate goal. We provide one-stop services from network construction to optimization promotion and network marketing, and are committed to becoming the most professional social brand network marketing supplier.

Customer platform creates great value

We not only provide high-quality website construction services, but also attach importance to establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with you. We build a platform to fully display your corporate culture and advantageous products, so that more customers pay attention to you! At the same time, we provide customer channels from various aspects to bring you more valuable resources.

One-on-one online planning

Our one-to-one online planning website company for small and medium-sized enterprises across the country can allow customers to easily obtain planning solutions in a short period of time. In addition, we provide one-on-one special services from pre-sale to after-sale. The commissioner is responsible for project tracking, which greatly facilitates customers to understand the progress of network construction and network promotion operations, and shortens project completion time.

Creative design team

Our team is composed of outstanding members of art design and Internet majors from major universities and colleges across the country. Extensive expertise, innovative ideas, superb skills, unique design styles, rich practical experience and diligence and professional ethics are formed. The service team of Fuyang Windows.

Dual corporate marketing training system

For the Windows team, we regularly organize training sessions and exchanges for employees in different positions. We are determined to do it: Zhixun team will always be at the forefront of the industry. For customers, we take one-on-one professional training to train customers to use products to ensure that customers can operate easily.

Personalized website

Based on the customer-oriented concept, we develop a variety of creative products based on the different needs of customers. At the same time, according to the subjective personal preferences of customers, according to different company positioning, purpose of building stations, corporate development direction, design concepts, art requirements, culture Level and other characteristics, personalized custom products, as far as possible to fully meet customer needs.